Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Little Latte Goes A Long Way

Micheal Gerson's Op Ed piece in today's Washington Post is worth a read. In his column, Gerson chronicles his transformation from someone who was infamous for his "intolerance for animals" to someone whose "prejudices" have been "melted" by a cute Havanese named Latte. While exploring his emotions, Gerson covers several heady topics including animal rights, animal welfare and friendship.

We may not agree with everything Gerson espouses, but it's always nice to give a shout out to a new member of the dog loving community.

A few weeks back, first-time dog owner and Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus wrote about her experiences with her new puppy Tank. Marcus' tale of the pup's introduction and effect on her family is humours and heartwarming. She writes:
"We are on the computer -- on our four separate computers -- less. We are rolling around on the family room floor more. We are talking to our neighbors, not just waving at them en route from car to front door. We are in the back yard, throwing the Frisbee for Tank to fetch or, in Jon's case, running alongside him; Tank, having had the pleasure of accompanying him on this mission, now refuses to budge until Jon gets moving, too. Smart dog, he has clearly distinguished between "Stationary Lady Who Feeds Me" and "Fun Running Guy."
Marcus reiterates what we in Happy Dog Land already know, a dog is a family member who brings love and joy and fosters togetherness and community.

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