Friday, August 7, 2009

Swimming Safety Rules

Before Fido dives in for a lap around the pool or a swim around the lake, review the safety rules offered here.

Even though it seems to us humans that the dog paddle is hard-wired into every canine brain, not all dogs like swimming or know what to do when they enter the water.

Keeps these safety rules in mind:
  • NEVER let Fido swim unattended or unsupervised.
  • Verify that your dog knows how to exit the water.
  • Be realistic about your dog's fitness and agility level and her desire to swim. Some dogs are perfectly happy walking around in ankle deep water, some dogs could spend all day paddling around the deep end of a pool and some are terrified at the mere thought of putting paw to water. Listen to your dog!
  • Don't toss Fido into the water, introduce him gradually so he doesn't panic and sink.
  • If you own a pool, be sure it is securely fenced in and covered when not in use.
  • Use safety equipment like entry and exit ramps and canine life jackets.
  • Wash your dog after his swim. Chlorine and lake or ocean water can leave stinky and irritating residue.
And, as Jill's grandfather used to say, don't let Fido swim on a full stomach.

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