Sunday, September 13, 2009

Meet Chubee: The Winner of Week 1 of Our Contest

We are pleased to introduce Chubee, the dog drawn as our winner in Week 1 of our Show Us Your Happy Dog Contest. Be Sure to enter every week during the contest period.

Thrilled that Chubee won the contest, Chubee's mom Mary Jo explained why she entered, “It was a fluke I even sent the photo, a spur of the moment thing, but it felt very right. I think his spirit urged me so he could bring more joy even after he has gone. It would be so like him.”

Here's Chubee's happy (and bittersweet) "tail":

In the spring of 1998, Chubee arrived as a 3 month old pup suffering from neglect at the shelter where Mary Jo volunteered. Mary Jo plucked Chubee from death row and agreed to foster him. “Of course I fell in love and kept him! He was so sick it took a year to get him well,” she recounts.

According to Mary Jo, Chubee brought joy to everyone he met. “Even in a group of purebreds everyone wanted to know about him!” Chubee helped his community too. As a therapy dog, he visited hospitals and nursing homes and loved meeting people wherever he went. Indeed, “He always had a tail wag, paw and smile for anyone who needed it,” Mary Jo remembers.

Chubee loved Halloween and dressing up in costume.

Chubee’s best friends were his mom (of course) and his cat Monty Ali.

Chubee and his brother Henry, a rescued Doberman/Coonhound mix

Chubee with brother Rufus before he passed away

Sadly, Chubee passed away about 5 months ago. Mary Jo explained, “The week before Easter Chubee fell chasing after a squirrel, one of his favorite activities! He really tried to come back from it but his body failed him. He asked me to release him and how could I not honor his request.” Chubee has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is romping with many of our dear furry friends, including Gabriel and Filbert (Billy and Jill's dogs). Chubee’s canine brother Henry will surely enjoy the contest prizes.

Thank you Mary Jo for sharing Chubee with us! We agree with you that having Chubee win our contest “shows his spirit is still alive.”


  1. Well, this brought tears to my eyes. Mary Jo, you have my condolences. I know how hard it is to lose a friend.

  2. It did the same thing to me too. :( But Chewbee had a great life with his Mom and Henry and Monte Ali. So no more tears :) MaryJo did the best anyone could ever do plus some to take good care of him. He lived a happy life to the end. Chewbee deserved winning this and I think MJ is right, Henry will be enjoying the prises for Chewbee. What are brothers for? :) Congratulations Chewbee!

  3. Thank you Sandra thats really sweet of you!
    you too Susan my pal!