Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Shocking Levels of Lead in Pet Products

With no government regulations for toxic chemicals in pet products it should come as no surprise that a shocking number contain lead and other dangerous chemicals. This is concerning because dogs and cats are smaller (usually) than we are and put everything in their mouths. Thus, the exposure to the hazardous chemicals is extremely concerning

Healthystuff.org has tested over 400 pet products, including toys, collars leashes and tennis balls. The results caused shock and awe in Happy Dog Land. The site is well organized and allows for searches by toxicity, brand or product type. Many of the entries include photographs for easy identification.

In addition to product rankings, the site provides valuable information about keeping Fido healthy and suggestions for taking action to protect our furry friends from hazardous chemicals.

Healthystuff.org also tests human products like toys, apparel and cars. This is a site to bookmark and visit often!

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  1. This is disappointing information but not terribly surprising. Why is it the almighty dollar prevails over health and common sense?

    Thanks for this post.