Thursday, December 10, 2009

C'MON MAN!!: The Canine Version

Tired of wagging their tongues solely with the four-legged set, Shadow and Arthur (notwithstanding Billy's lack of enthusiasm for sports) requested that we begin our own Happy Dog Land version of "C'MON MAN!!" from ESPN's Monday Night Countdown. During the show's wildly popular "C'MON MAN!!" segment, Chris Berman, Keyshawn Johnson, Chris Carter, Tom Jackson and Mike Ditka highlight the most boneheaded plays of the week.

The St. Petersburg (FL) Times brings us the story of Cody the convenience store pooch.

For months, the friendly and courteous Lab greeted customer's at his dad's shop and was loved by all. That is, until the drat state health inspector showed up and proclaimed "no dogs allowed" despite the fact that all food for sale was wrapped and sealed.

Cody brought joy and happiness to people throughout the day and now he's forced to stay at home. All we can say is.....


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