Monday, January 11, 2010

Meet Shabba, A Lucky Pooch Reunited With His Mom After A Fire

Today, we are pleased to share a lovely story from Beverly, a dedicated dog mom. Meet Shabba, Beverly's beautiful four year old 96 pound Japanese Akita.
In in late November 2008, Beverly's house burned in a fire. Shabba survived the fire by hiding in the back of the yard. On the night of the fire, however, he stepped in a gopher hole and injured his ACL. Tragically, Shabba's pal Sassy, a little red Shiba Inu (pictured below playing with Shabba), passed away after being overcome by smoke.

Unfortunately, Beverly's temporary housing did not allow pets and Shabba lived with a caretaker. Shabba's ACL was recovering quite well until his caretaker moved him into an open dirt lot behind a 12 ft fence. As dogs walked by the fence, Shabba jousted with them, which aggravated his ACL. In addition, Shabba suffered from severe flea bite dermatitis. As Beverly noted, "My dog was simply not in a good place."

Happily, Beverly and Shabba were reunited in May 2009! They now live in a new home with a nice yard and Shabba is no longer living outside. As Beverly reports, Shabba is now once again a happy dog. "He loves looking out the windows with views of three streets and sleeps at my door like he is on sentry duty." In addition, canine aspirin and glucosamine have increased Shabba's mobility.

Beverly and Shabba enjoy two daily 20 minutes walks together. Of course, Beverly does not allow him to taunt any dogs that are locked behind fences. "It's just not a nice or neighborly thing to do," she adds.

We are so pleased that Shabba and Beverly are happy together again! Beverly, thank you for sharing your story with everyone in Happy Dog Land!

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