Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Before and After Shots from the Shelter

Sheri Berliner of Petraits Pet Photography is not only a talented photographer, she has a heart of gold too. Sheri regularly photographs adoptable dogs at Chicago Animal Care and Control and helps place many, many dogs, cats and other critters into loving homes. Sheri also photographed the cover of our book, the author shot and a smiley Golden Retriever who will be introducing a chapter.

Here are some of the before and after shots Sheri took of the dogs Billy and his crew groomed at Chicago Animal Care and Control last Sunday.

Shy Guy was shy because he was sooooo stinky and full of dead coat. Once he was bathed, brushed and pampered he was ready to find a home and he did that same day! Here is Shy Guy with his new mom and dad. We are certain Shy Guy's new family will make him a happy, confident dog so he won't be shy for much longer!

Tina was so sad because she was such a matted and scraggly mess. The poor girl was so uncomfortable! Tina loved the attention and pampering while she was made over. Once her matted coat came off and she was hand stripped, massaged and cuddled, we could finally see what a stunning girl she really is. And, she has personalty plus and loved to be handled and cuddled. We hope Tina finds her forever home soon-she deserves it!

Lucky Foxy got the full treatment from Billy: wash, brush, pedicure and hand-scissored haircut. Foxy's whole underbelly was covered in burs and mats--ouch. She loved being groomed and was especially fond of Sue who held her while Billy worked his magic. Foxy was adopted by the lovely couple pictured here with Billy. We know Doris and Michael are providing Foxy with a loving and happy home. It's certainly a match made in heaven!

Sam could hardly see through his mats. Billy and his crew worked hard on this sweet Bichon mix. After 5 hours of brushing, bathing and pampering, Sam was ready for his close up and a new home. He was all kisses and tail wagging while he was with us. We hope he ends up in a wonderful home with a family who will love and care for him. Psst--we know of a really good groomer to keep Sam's coat looking so fine.

This energetic guy was all wound up because he smelled and had never had proper grooming. Spartan had so much dirt and dead fur on him that he actually changed color while he was groomed! He loved being pampered and even calmed down in his crate after a nice long bath. This little guy looks so spiffy now that we know he'll find a home right away!

It's hard to tell from the photos, but Baker desperately needed a bath and nail trim, not to mention some TLC. His favorite part of grooming was the long massage he received from Jus. Baker fell right asleep when she rubbed his neck and shoulders! He was so sweet and charming that we know he'll find a wonderful forever home.

For information on adopting any of the dogs here (Other than Shy Guy and Foxy), please click here.

Now that you can see what a difference a bit of grooming makes in the life of a homeless or down on his luck pooch, we hope you will lend a hand. Many shelters and rescues would love to have volunteers come in and bathe, brush and pamper the animals.

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