Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shelter Dog Makeovers

Here are a few examples of the dogs Billy and his helpers groomed over the weekend at Chicago Animal Care and Control, which is the city pound. This shelter cares for Chicago's neediest animals.

At least 3 of dogs were adopted after their transformation. Some of the dogs needed only a bath, brushing and a nail trim and without smell-o-vision, it is hard to see the change, which was significant--many of the dogs clearly were enjoying their first bath ever and loved the pampering! (Click here to see more dogs available for adoption from CACC).

Sam is a Bishon mix. His coat was matted to the skin and we filled a garbage bag with the fur that came off of him. He must have lost 20 pounds! Sam was a trooper and sweet as can be even though his makeover took well over over 5 hours. Everyone in the room felt Sam relax as soon as the mats were shaved off and he was so proud to wear his beautiful new hairdo! What a difference grooming makes--not only physically, but emotionally.

This little guy (above) was so scruffy that everyone thought he was a girl. Once Billy started working on the pooch, he corrected the mistake and changed his name from Honey Bun to Harry B. Harry loved the personal attention and pranced out of the grooming area. He is in his new home today.

More photos to come soon!

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