Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 4th: Pets and Fireworks Don't Mix

Even though it seems logical to bring Fido along to outside celebrations, sometimes it is better to leave him home. Fourth of July is not a dog-friendly holiday. Many dogs are easily spooked by fireworks. Indeed, dogs often become noise sensitive as they age.

When fireworks are booming, Fido should always be inside, sequestered in a safe, quiet room. In addition, never leave Fido unattended in your yard on July 4th (or any other time). Stray fireworks can land there or the noise of neighboring fireworks can scare him and he’ll desperately try to escape. Whether or not he succeeds, he can seriously injure himself.

If you do bring Fido with you to a celebration, keep him on leash at all times. Your normally calm dog may dart off unexpectedly and terrible accidents happen to dogs off leash, especially when you throw pyrotechnics into the mix. Fido should be nowhere near cherry bombs, Roman candles, sparklers or anything else that involves fire and gunpowder. If he gets too close, he can be burned, lose an eye or suffer hearing loss from the explosions.

Immediately dispose of all unused fireworks and remnants, as they are toxic if ingested. After the holiday, look for firework pieces when you’re out walking or playing. Protect everyone’s pet by throwing away anything you find.

Besides, if you leave Fido safe at home, you can relax and celebrate the birthday of our great nation!

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