Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different: More Happy Dogs to Brighten Your Day

This is Rubito. Don't be fooled by her love of the Cubs or her boy name, Rubito is 7 pounds of Toy Poodle girl power. Rubito is named after a famed Spanish matador, but she's gentle as a lamb. Billy has been keeping Rubito fabulous and fluffy since 2003. Join us in wishing Rubito happy birthday. This beautiful lady turns six on March 11th. 

Puma is proof that big girls love fashion too. This buxom beauty is a Chow Chow - Golden Retriever mix rescued from a Chicago shelter. Puma inspired her mom to design a line of apparel for big dogs. After all, no matter the size, all canine eyes and coats need protection from the elements. "Tailored Dog" supports animal rescue and all of the clothing is manufactured by the Chicago Association for Retarded Citizens, an organization that provides training and jobs for adults with developmental disabilities. Puma is modeling a custom designed, one of a kind piece from the Le Puma for Tailored Dog, Hot Couture Collection.

Next, we have Bella Rose Cohen (right), a delightful and dazzling three year old Havanese. Bella lives in Michigan but, despite her tropical ancestry, she loves to romp in the snow. She's as smart as a whip (or a Poodle); she rings a bell by the door when she needs to go out. Bella loves to smooch her mom, but she prefers to chew on her Dad's eyebrows.

Kiki (left) is top dog at Building Blocks Toy Store in Chicago. When her mom visited Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society many years back, Kiki stole her heart. Kiki loves her dad too and enjoys sitting in his lap while he works. This nine year old comely charmer excels at coaxing treats out of everyone she meets. When it's time for bed, Kiki burrows in under the covers and doesn't come out until morning.  

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