Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Dogs in the News

The news is hard to digest lately. Here are some happy dog stories that will make you smile:

Actress Jennifer Aniston, pulled her car over and rescued a lost dog running through the streets of LA recently. At Happy Dog Land, we believe in "Lost Dog Karma" -- if you help someone else's dog, someone will help your dog. So, if you see a lost or stray dog, be a "Friend" to the dog and help the pooch find his way back home. If the pooch is a stray, bring him to a shelter or hold the dog until local animal welfare authorities arrive. The Humane Society of the United States describes in detail how to help strays and lost dogs and cats here.

In other news, a good Samaritan rescued a lost pooch from a cement bin in Florida. The man who helped this pooch also earned Lost Dog Karma. The dog had a micro-chip and local animal welfare officials are working on reuniting the pooch with his family. Now is a good time to verify whether your dog is wearing current identification. If he has a micro-chip, check to see if the registration is up-to-date. American Humane offers helpful identification and micro-chip information here.

A family dog saved his family by alerting them to a fire in their home near Memphis, TN. Ironically, the family was scheduled to euthanize the dog because they could no longer afford veterinary care for Tiger. Lucky for them and Tiger, the family missed the appointment. Hopefully, someone in their home town can help with Tiger's the vet bills.

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