Thursday, February 26, 2009

We Love Portuguese Water Dogs!

Stop the presses! The Obamas are adopting a Portuguese Water Dog in April. Here at Happy Dog Land, we couldn't be more excited about the news!!

We certainly know a lot about Porties here in Happy Dog Land.  Billy has shared his life with two: Gabriel and now Zeke.  Billy rescued Zeke in a non-traditional manner.  Zeke did not come from a shelter, although we highly recommend shelters and rescues whenever possible! Zeke was re-homed from a breeder. Zeke is a carrier of the gene for a hereditary disease common to Porties and, therefore, he couldn't be used as a stud or a show dog. To Billy, all this was irrelevant -- all that mattered was that it was love at first sight! So, Billy brought Zeke home and, along with Arthur (Billy's Cocker Spaniel), made Zeke one of the family.  Zeke went from kennel to bed without batting and eye.

Billy has cared for hundreds of Porties over the last 15 years, has won many grooming competitions with Porties and often lectures about grooming Porties. Every week, about a dozen Porties visit Billy's shop.

Although we'll have to wait until April to meet the First Portie, here are some examples of this beautiful breed. These pooches are Billy's clients.

From the left: A plethera of Porties (front row) Moby Dick, Jesse, Chewbacca (middle row) Daisy, Zeke,and K.B. Back row: Keela.; Moby Dick in a Lion Cut, wavy-whirley coated Chewbacca, Moby Dick doing an early Beatles impression.

From the left: Jesse showing off his wavy with texture coat, curly coated Zeke and wavy coated Keela.

All photographs by: Michael Vistia, Vistia Designs


  1. Love the pictures! Poor Moby Dick in that awful Lion Cut:)

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