Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween Costume Ideas

It's the time of year when mums and decorative cabbage fill flower pots, and jack-o-lanters light up porches. It's also when we start receiving emails with photos of funny dog costumes. Here are a few of our favorites so far.

Gives a new meaning to fish out of water.

How much did they have to pay the cat to agree to this one?

Wow, now THIS is creative!

We think the dog is a vegetarian based on her expression.

This may be the funniest costume of all!

Ever since the first cave dog donned a saber-toothed tiger costume, people have been debating the merits of dressing up dogs. Billy doesn't dress up Zeke or Arthur. Jill, however, crafts elaborate home-made dog costumes every year and strongly believes that a dog should express his creativity. That said, always consider Fido's comfort and safety.

If Fido doesn’t mind dressing up and you determine this by checking with an objective third-party, go right ahead and have a ball. Whether he’s Bark Vader, Dogzilla or Hairy Potter, keep these safety rules in mind:
  • The costume must be comfortable and not obstruct your dog's vision, hearing, breathing or movement.
  • Never force your pooch to wear his costume if it makes him stressed, scared or nervous.
  • Be sure the costume allows your dog to wear his collar, identification and leash.
  • No doggy bags! Keep your dog away from the Halloween candy.
How do you feel about canine costumes? If your pooch is dressing up, please send us your photos to share with everyone in Happy Dog Land.


  1. These pictures are great! My dogs hate wearing ANYTHING unfortunately. Thanks for posting.

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