Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ask Billy Update: Abbie is House-Trained!

Last April, we met Abbie and her mom Judy when Judy asked Billy for some help with potty training. Click here to read Billy's Potty Training 101 advice.

Abbie will be celebrating her first Halloween.

Judy checked in with us in June. Judy reported that Abbie was making progress and asked for some help working through a few minor setbacks.

We are pleased to report that Abbie is now fully potty trained. High fives to Abbie and Judy! Kudos to Judy's husband who pitched in too! After all, the human half of the team must demonstrate tremendous patience and dedication when training a furry family member. Judy notes that patience and remembering that "she is just a puppy" were significant factors in Abbie's success.

Abbie turns one on November 14th and everyone in Happy Dog Land sends her big birthday smooches!

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