Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yoshi Our New Friend From The East Coast

Dogs bring people to together -- that's one of their many benefits.

Over the weekend, we were in New York City at the Meet the Breeds event, which drew 36,000 people. We joined the folks from the Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair and talked to thousands of people about our book Happy Dog Caring For Your Dog's Body, Mind and Spirit, which helps make your pooch happy and about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, which helps make you happy by quickly and effectively removing pet hair from your furniture.

We also met some hundreds of dogs at the show. One of our favorite new furry friends is Yoshi.

We instantly fell in love with Yoshi, the bubbly Chow Chow. Her parents, Marianne and Lee are lovely too. Some people hear the name Chow Chow and want to run the other way due to some misconceptions about the breed. Yoshi, however, makes you stop dead in your tracks and take a closer look.

Yoshi is drop dead gorgeous and a stunning physical example of a Chow Chow. It's not surprising since she's the great granddaughter of Martha Stewart's Chow Chow Ch.E-Lin Kublai Khan Paw Paw. As you marvel at her beauty, you'll be drawn in by her welcoming personality. Sharing Yoshi with others and showing them a well socialized Chow Chow is extremely important to Marianne and Lee. Bravo! We nominate Yoshi as the Top Chow Chow Ambassador.

Meet the Breeds introduces and educates the public about dogs, breeds and sharing your life with a furry friend. People are encouraged to get up close to the dogs, pet them and learn about them.

Yoshi was the perfect Chow Chow for the job! She relished in the attention and welcomed people with a tail wag and smile. She enjoyed meeting new people, getting pats from kids and most of all, getting brushed and massaged by Billy, several times a day! She was so relaxed after visiting Billy that she went to her booth and slept like a log.

Yoshi and her family will be visiting us at the Meadowlands Pet Expo on November 21-22, 2009 in New Jersey. Stop by and see us at the Pledge booth and maybe you'll be lucky enough to meet Yoshi too!

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