Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fido: Now even happier!

Some have noted that Fido did not seem as, well, happy in that last posting as you would expect for a dog destined for greatness. So why was that?

In truth, he had just consumed some of these pet treats, and was not feeling so hot. After a visit with the emergency vet, he now feels much better -- and much happier.

Actually, and in all seriousness, this brings up one of the most important rules of dog ownership: understand what you are feeding your dogs. As we discuss at length in our book (which, I'm sure, you are now preparing to pre-order from the moment the listing goes live) you need to read the labels on Fido's food, and learn what foods can be dangerous for your canine friends (chocolate, garlic and onions are among the more common ones). Trust me, your dog can easily die from consuming some fairly common household items. Learn to be careful -- Fido will be happier for it. Oh, and you'll be happier too.
UPDATE: For further information on dangerous foods for pets, please consult the ASPCA's Animal Poison Control Center.

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