Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year From Happy Dog Land!

2009 promises to be a great year at Happy Dog Land! The book itself will be published in September, and we're planning a big launch party to benefit Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control, which helps Chicago's neediest animals.  We're also looking to do book launchor book signing parties to benefit animal charities in other parts of the country as well -- so please let us know if you are interested in helping to put these events together.  

As we finish the editing process and move into production and design of the book, we can barely keep our excitement in check!  We look forward to sharing our experiences as the project moves towards completion, and hope to provide you with useful "dogma" to improve your life and the lives of your beloved pets.

2009 will also be an exciting time in the White House.  No, not Barack Obama, silly! Sasha and Malia's new dog! The world is on tenterhooks waiting to learn the identity of the first pooch -- rumor has it that Afghan warlords are lobbying heavily for an Afghan Hound, while British Prime Minister Gordon Brown (as befits his Highland heritage) is putting the good word in for a Westie.  Meanwhile, Felipe de Jesus Calderon Hinojosa, the President of our neighbor to the South, argues that a Mexican Hairless is the way to go.  Nevertheless, we believe that all dogs are created equal, and that our New President and First Lady will choose wisely and rescue a dog that needs a home and doesn't present a problem for Sasha's allergies, so that lucky canine can find its "forever" home.

So best wishes on this New Year's Eve, and we look forward to many visits with you in 2009.

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