Sunday, December 28, 2008

Planning Ahead

As this article demonstrates, it is important to recognize that your dogs (and, indeed, all pets) may survive you.  This type of thinking is not only appropriate for your reclusive neighbor -- you know, the one who lives with at least 249 cats.  In fact, it is appropriate for you.  Jill, a lawyer by training, has provided for the care of her dog Shadow should she bite the bullet unexpectedly.  If this is too wacko for you, then at least arrange for a trusted friend or relative to step in as your pet foster parent.  Billy has arranged for a trustworthy friend to care for Arthur and Zeke if he's not able.  If you're one of our brave and dedicated troops, you need to plan for Fido's care while you're deployed.  (Go here for important info.)  In our book, we discuss why, when and how to ensure that your beloved family member is properly cared for if you become ill, incapacitated or dead.  In the meantime, talk to a local lawyer to make sure that everything is properly official--laws vary by state and read this article.

Without a plan, Fido could end up in an animal shelter with a dim future.  Wouldn't you be better able to sleep at night if you knew that Fido would continue to sleep on 400 count sheets or even a proper bed?  

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