Saturday, December 27, 2008

Welcome to Happy Dog Land!

Welcome to Happy Dog Land, the official blog of Happy Dog: Caring For Your Dog's Body, Mind & Spirit, which will be published by NAL/Penguin in September 2009. Over the next few months, we (which is to say Billy Rafferty and Jill Cahr) will be providing you with a veritable cornucopia of valuable dog information and fun facts about our canine friends.  We will also be previewing the most useful and entertaining book on dogs ever put to page (if we do say so ourselves!)  So get ready, and keep an eye out for the beginnings of a special journey.

So who are we? Our next few entries will tell you a bit about ourselves, the Happy Dog project, and the multi-media canine extravaganza we'll be launching in 2009.  So be prepared, and we look forward to spending the next year (and beyond) with you.

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