Thursday, January 1, 2009

Science and Dogs

Science marches forward.  We can't really do anything about it -- but that won't stop us from complaining! In fact, Jill's husband (a pretentious fellow who used to dress like the Dieter from Sprockets) will quote classical philosophers about the problem until the two of us are rolling our eyes, nearly unconscious with boredom.  We're generally forced to talk about expressing anal sacs until we can't hear him talk anymore -- and just wait until you see that illustration in the book!

But that isn't to say he doesn't have a point.  Exhibit A: pet cloning.  Yes, we understand that you love your dog.  We love our dogs, too.  When they pass away, we cry and are inconsolable -- they are critical members of our families, and their absence is a vacuum in our lives.  But some people have read far too much science fiction, and believe that they can bring their beloved pooch back to life.

They can't.

Oh, to be sure, they can bring back a reasonable facsimile of the physical dog who used to play fetch with them in the backyard.  But he's not the same dog.  The life experiences that we have are what make us who we are.  Your dog (or even a clone of you!) will not be the same as the original.  He can't live the exact same life and have the exact same experiences to make him that original dog.  People don't appreciate that our genes are not our destiny.

Just a few deep thoughts to start the new year!

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