Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weird Things Dogs Eat-Not A Laughing Matter

Some British veterinarians recently compiled a list of the ten weirdest items eaten by pets. Interesting and scary at the same time. Clearly, though, this is a reminder that dog-proofing your house must be a top priority! In addition, be vigilant while Fido is outside and don't let him eat things from the ground. Your job is to prevent your dog from ever ingesting anything dangerous or poisonous or anything that can become a choking or internal obstruction risk.

Start by getting down on all fours and inspecting your house from your dog's point of view. Things certainly look different from down there. Now, remove anything dangerous or small enough to be swallowed.

Here's the ASPCA's list of common household hazards. Bet you never thought that those stray dryer sheets or even that one ibuprofen tablet that rolled under the counter were serious dangers. Indeed, child-proof prescription bottles are no match for canine jaws. Just ask Zeke.

Dog-proofing requires constant attention. When you visit other people's homes be careful too. Everyone may not be as safety conscious as you.

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