Friday, January 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye

Bill Simmons, who writes the Sports Guy column for posted a heartwarming tribute to Daisy aka "The Dooze," his Golden Retriever who recently lost her battle with cancer. The Dooze was barely 6 when she died.

Both Billy and Jill suffered the loss of young dogs. Billy's Portie Gabriel was almost 3 when he died tragically. Gabriel had swallowed pieces of an allegedly indestructible nylon bone and he passed away a few days after the surgery to remove the resulting blockage. Jill's Miniature Poodle Filbert died during surgery to remove a growth on a toe. Filbert was only 10 and in the prime of his life.

Simmons reminds us to revel in the moment with our dogs and to be thankful for our time together, even when it's cut painfully short. Read his article and have a good cry. Then, in honor of The Dooze, grab a tennis ball and enjoy some playtime with your pooch.


  1. I've had two dogs in my life, both Shelties. The first one was with me for nearly my entire childhood - 4th grade until a year out of college. I remember the day we had to put her to sleep. I wanted to stay with her as the vet put her down. He gave me a few minutes to pet and talk about her afterward.

    That was nearly 20 years ago and I still feel the tears coming up. I still have her collar and tags. Anytime I touch them, the tinkling sound reminds me instantly of her. The second Sheltie had a tumor and died after only 10 years. Both were very special dogs (as are everyone's!). I miss them both!

  2. David, thanks for sharing your beautiful memories of your Shelties.