Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charley: Rags to Riches to Robes

Like millions of Americans, at Happy Dog Land we are inspired by President Obama's inauguration speech. We hope that you are too! President Omaba asked us all to do our share by helping our communities in order to make America great again. Assisting animals in need is a wonderful place to start. You can volunteer at a shelter or even use your social network to help place a stray, neglected or unwanted animal on your own. Here's an example to get you started.

RAGS: A few years ago, Jill and a few friends joined together to find a new home for a pooch in need. A Chicago family adopted a cute little Maltese from a shelter. Although the family probably meant well, they could not properly care for the dog or devote adequate time to him. In fact, when the pooch's leg was injured, the family never even took him to the vet. One friend, Jillisa, heard about the dog and convinced the family to give him up. She called Jill, who called another friend, Stacey. Working together, the friends found the scruffy little guy a forever home with another friend who lived out of state.

RICHES: Charley's new life is full of love, pampering, good grooming and proper veterinary care. Charley's new mom Jill recently wrote us with an update: "I consider Charley a true gift of love from Stacey [one of the rescuers], because she had lost her boy Sunny at about the same time we lost our cat. Stacey could have easily kept Charley as the newest member of her family, but she gave him to us. Charley has truly enhanced my life, as I have always been afraid of dogs! Now, I can't get enough of them. I'm truly a reformed cat person."

ROBES: Charley also inspired his mom to start a new business Doggie Robes. After she whipped up a terry cloth robe for Charley, her friends encouraged her to sell them. Charley is the company model and we hear that he "is quite a ham!"

We think President Obama would be pleased to hear about Charley! Rather than doing nothing, this group of friends took action. Their willingness to help others enabled a neglected pooch find a perfect home and they enriched the lives of Charley's parents too.

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