Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Dogs to Brighten Your Day

The weather here in Chicago is dreary and the nation's short-term economic outlook is bleak, but our dogs' eyes are bright and full of hope -- and not just because they've noticed the treats in our hands.  Dogs always cheer us up, even when the weather is cold and our bank accounts are shrinking.  A wag of a tail or a nudge with a cold wet nose can make even the worst day seem brighter.

To remind everyone that the sunless, cold and damp days of winter will soon be replaced by spring's promise of rebirth, here are cheerful photos of a few of the dogs featured in our book. If you have a fun photo of your dog, please send it in and we'll post it.

Lily and Maro share a stick while Spike tries to catch up.

Sammy taking a break from a run around the beach.

Buster and Clancy showing off their beautiful haircuts during a stroll at the lakefront.

Lola patrolling the beach.

Bella enjoying the sun.

Photographs by Michael Vistia, Vistia Designs

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  1. Bee-utiful photos... and you are so right. No matter what, our dogs brighten the day! They have no expectaions except companionship and money means nothing to them.