Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A New Way to Fly: Pet Airways

Flying with a dog is no simple task. Most dogs are resigned to the cargo hold, which is dangerous and incredibly unpleasant. Even if your pooch is small enough to fit under your seat, flying can be difficult. (For those of you who want additional information on flying with your pooch, we cover the topic in detail in our upcoming book. Sorry, though, you'll have to wait until September.)

We just came across a new airline that offers an interesting alternative for canine (and other pet) aviators. Check out Pet Airways. Although you can't accompany your pet, Fido won't be stuck in cargo. According to the folks at Pet Airways, Fido's flight will be safe, comfortable and hassle free. Before boarding, he's taken for a potty break and during the flight he rides in a secure carrier in the main cabin. There's even a Pet Attendant to watch over him during the flight. At the destination, Fido is waiting for you in the airline's lounge, safe and sound. Let's hope he didn't go hog wild with the beverage cart offerings.

Pet Airways sounds like a wonderful alternative to traditional air travel. We hope all this works as well as it sounds. We are looking forward to hearing more about Pet Airways when flights begin in July.

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