Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We Tackle An Age Old Question: Why Does My Dog Treat Me Better Than My Family?

This is Yogi. He lives in Michigan, and as you can see, he loves the cold weather and enjoys running in the snow. This photo has nothing to do with today's entry, but it's so gosh darn cute and made us smile that we had to share!

Yogi's Dad Paul posed an interesting question: "Why does my family not come running to me when I get home from work like my dog does? When I come home, Yogi acts like it's the greatest thing that has ever happened in his life. He then does victory laps around the house. I guess that's not a dog question, but a family question."

We know from experience, that it is universally true that your dog is much more likely to be happy to see you than the rest of your family. If you're a loving and caring dog owner, chances are that your dog faithfully greets you with a wildly wagging tail each and every time you return home. And chances are, no matter how wonderful and giving you may be, your spouse, significant other or kids aren't all that moved when you come through the door. They don't dance around and run circles around you while grabbing your shoe. If you're lucky, they may mumble a half-hearted hello and go back to American Idol or Lost.

Without a doubt, there is no greater source for unconditional love, inexhaustible companionship, unyielding loyalty and infinite friendship than your dog. Your dog views you as the center of his universe, which is why it's your job to treat him with respect, kindness and proper care. After all your dog is probably the most non-judgmental, dedicated companion you'll ever have.

We think it's a safe bet that Yogi or your dog will never ask you to take out the garbage or beg for a raise in his allowance. This is why dogs were first deemed man's (or woman's) best friend. Of course, you could train your kids or partner to jump up and ask for a treat. Now, that you mention it, we may do just that!

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