Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pet Food Banks: Helping People Keep Their Pets During the Economic Downturn

One unfortunate side effect of the economic downturn is that many people have less money to care for their precious four-legged friends. When the household income shrinks, paying for Fido's food and care becomes more difficult. Many people may be forced to choose between paying the heating bill and buying pet food. Thankfully, pet food banks are popping up all of the country to help people struggling to feed their furry family members.

Pet food manufacturers, such as the folks who manufacture Wellness pet food, are stepping up and helping out. Through its WellPet Foundation, the company is supplying food banks with literally tons of food. Recently, Wellness donated over 5000 pounds of its all natural dog, premium food to the Pooch Pantry in Mundelein, Illinois. The food bank is run by the BC Dog Training Club and is open on Saturdays from 9 AM to noon. Many of the people benefiting are seniors on fixed incomes.

Wellness also donated 5,365 pounds of food to the Pennsylvania's SPCA Philadelphia pet food bank. The PSPCA's Chief Operations Officer Lisa Rodgers said, “Wellness has shown their dedication and love for animals through the gift of food.” The PSPCA Food Bank is open every other Sunday, from noon-3 p.m., at its Philadelphia Adoption Center located at 350 E. Erie Avenue.

The Atlanta, GA based Save Our Pets Food Bank has compiled a much needed list of food banks across the US. If you or someone you know needs some extra assistance feeding or caring for their pets, please spread the word about pet food banks.

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