Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Tails: Follow Up on Shelter Dog Makeovers

In our March 17th and March 18th posts, we featured before and after shots of some of the dogs Billy and his crew groomed at the shelter. In addition to the two dogs (Shy Guy and Foxy) that were adopted on the spot, we have more good news!

Tina before: a grimy, matted mess!

Tina after: a beautiful pooch worthy of Best in Show and lots of hugs and kisses!

In Happy Dog Land, we received a call from Honey Buns/Harry B's dad. He was ecstatic! The family didn't recognize the pooch when they arrived to pick him up at the shelter because the transformation was so dramatic. Most importantly, they didn't mind that their new dog was a boy--the dog was so matted that everyone had thought he was a she. The family loved how the pooch looked and was so excited to take him home and shower him with love--and lots of grooming!

Sam, pictured above before and after with Billy and Spartan, a cute little black and brown dog, were transferred to PAWS, a Chicago shelter than adopts many, many dogs every week.

All these Happy Tails just goes to show what a difference a little grooming TLC can make in the life of a dog, whether he's in a shelter or your home!

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