Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost Season Finale: The Dog Lives

In addition to being a dog-lover, Jill is a sci-fi fan. At least that's her explanation for attending Star Wars Conventions in costume, reading all the Dune prequels and sequels and watching Next Gen episodes over and over. Like many a sci-fi fan, she's a HUGE fan of Lost.

What does Jill's fascination with Lost have to do with our furry friends? As any Lostie will tell you, Vincent the Labrador Retriever won our hearts right from the start and we've all fretted over him as the story unfolded. We have not seen hide nor hair of him for a while, and Jill for one was worried about his fate. Can dogs time travel--especially one that has already survived a plane crash? Just how long can a dog live on DHARMA dog food?

Did anyone in the 1970s know that generic rendered meals are made from "any mammal" and are a very low quality protein source? Did Vincent become feral and learn to survive on goats or did he get fat and happy with Rose and Bernard only to end up as a skeleton in a cave?

We have about 9 months until we find the answers. Use the time to brush up on your dog care skills...come September you'll have a great book to fill the void on Wednesdays from 9-10 EST/8-9 CST. In the meantime, play with you pooch during the hour you were plastered to the TV.

And, if anyone can shed some light on who the heck that guy in the black shirt tell!


  1. Vincent was much better groomed than Bernard, I must say.

  2. Matilda's MomMay 14, 2009 at 6:51 PM

    I too was relieved to see Vincent re-emerge last night. It's a good thing he is a Lab requiring low-maintenance grooming -- can you imagine if he was a Labradoodle living on that Island with no slicker brush - yikes!!

  3. Matilda's Mom brings up a good point. I don't recall seeing a DHARMA slicker brush on the island. Hopefully, Rose and Bernard know that even a short-haired dog like Vincent do require brushing and bathing, just not as often as longer-haired dogs. Maybe Season 6 will open with Vincent beamed forward in time to Billy's grooming table!

  4. Or maybe Billy would make an exception and groom Bernard. But one serious question: if you and your dog were by chance to be stuck on a desert island (or in a Miami hurricane, say) without your fancy prescription food or gourmet raw diet, what would you feed your pet? Protein? Would he need carbs and vegetables too?

  5. Great blog!

    I think Vincent has been eating seafood (with the bones and shells carefully removed) and maybe some wild carrots and potatoes. He looked trim and sleek to me. Better than Bernard, that's for sure. I think Bernard needs to stay away from the Dharma 'tater chips and ranch dip. :-)

  6. Bernard certainly looks like he'd benefit from exercising with Vincent too.