Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shelter Dog Makeovers: The Sequel

On May 17th, Billy, Jill and their volunteer crew (Jus Erickson, Alfred Laurie, Sue Naiden, and Jackie Sabian and of course all the CACC angels) performed grooming miracles at Chicago Animal Care and Control. The incredibly talented and generous photographer Sheri Berliner of Petraits photographed all the dogs and the cats available for adoption at the shelter.

Two of the dogs (Jeffrey and Hazel) were adopted by lovely families on the spot and two more of the dogs went to PAWS, another Chicago shelter. The rest of the pooches are clean and snazzy and are awaiting their forever homes. All of these dogs deserve a second chance, so if you're looking for a new best friend or know someone who is, GO DIRECTLY to CACC, DO NOT pass go and DO NOT collect $200. Instead, collect your new furry friend and enjoy a life time of kisses and unconditional love. As a bonus, you'll earn extra points for saving a life!

Take a look at the pooches that are now ready for their close up and their new home:

Happy, a volunteer favorite, is a jovial, lovable guy that is waiting for his forever home. He enjoyed being pampered and basked in the personalized attention.

Tank is a long-legged looker who can't wait to be someone's pal. He's a friendly, happy and easy-going guy. He'd make a wonderful walking partner since he loves to prance.

Leige was brought in as a neglected/abused dog and had been lovingly rehabilitated by Charles Craft, one of CACC's most dedicated people. Leige is a lover and a beautiful purebred Lab to boot. We sure he'd love hanging out at the beach or on your couch.

Selene likes nothing more than to have your attention and bonds with everyone who gives her a nuzzle or a cuddle. She's ready to snuggle up and keep you warm at night!

Our most dramatic makeover of the day was Brady. From the looks of him, this lovable mutt had never brushed during his 2 years on this earth. It took the efforts of four people to remove all the mats and dead fur in his coat. His undercarriage was covered in dreadlocks that were several inches long. We filled an entire industrial-sized garbage can with all his dead fur and mats! Brady took all the brushing, washing, dematting and manhandling in stride. He even mugged for the camera after almost 2 hours in the grooming area. Look at these before and after shots to see the details.




Brady shows what a huge difference a bit of TLC can make in the life of a down on his luck pooch. He also demonstrates what can happen to your furry pal if you're lax on dog care. So, whether your dog's coat is long or short, be sure to bathe, brush and groom him regularly and properly. Then, use your skills to help a shelter dog. Gather up a group of friends and volunteer together. We can tell you from experience that it's a fun, enjoyable and rewarding way to help your community!

Take a gander at all the photos from the makeovers here.

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  1. This is a wonderful thing! And Brady is just darling...oh yes, you too Billy!