Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why Fido Should NEVER Ride With His Head Out The Window

We know it looks like a harmless enjoyable treat for your pooch, but letting her ride with her head out the window is extremely dangerous. Lets look at the facts:

  1. Airborne debris (think bugs, pollution etc.) can become embedded in Fido's eyes.
  2. Airborne debris can become embedded in Fido's ear canal.
  3. Chilly air rushing into Fido's nose and lungs can damage his respiratory system.
  4. Fido's head can hit a sign, mail box, a tree or a passing bus.
  5. Fido can jump out the window.
So what can we do to allow Fido to feel the wind in his ears? Well, you could buy him a pair of canine goggles, but that would only take care of problem number 1. Instead, crack the window on both sides of the car to produce a cross wind. Then, drive to the dog park, the beach or any safe enclosed area and let Fido run free. If you frolic with him, you'll burn off a few extra calories and can enjoy another piece of pie on Memorial Day.


  1. One thing you did not mention is what could happen if the driver had to stop suddenly...not a good thought.

  2. Your right! A dog should always wear restraints for her safety and that of the driver and passengers. We go into detail on safe travel with your dog in the book.


    Star says as long as mom can ride roller coasters she can ride restrained with her head out the window. Move to the country...we dont' have friggin busses to hit our dogs...AND....pollution out here is cow dung. LOL