Friday, May 15, 2009

A Nice Way to Honor, Celebrate or Memorialize A Furry Friend

Buster and Clancy Roffe enjoying the shade of tree in the park near Lake Michigan.

In Happy Dog Land, we all know how important our pets are to us. A dog (or any other pet) bring us joy, unconditional love and emotional support. They are our friends, companions and family members. We just came across a wonderful way to celebrate or remember our pets and help the earth at the same time.

Trees are important to our planet and all who inhabit it. You may have shared a picnic with Fido under a shady Elm, enjoyed the song of a bird nesting on a Maple's branch as you and Fido strolled by or laughed as he chased a squirrel up the trunk of a leafy Oak.

Like our dogs and other pets, trees need people to care for them. The Arbor Day Foundation "encourages people to plant, nurture and celebrate trees." Trees clean our air and provide shelter and food for all types of creatures, including us. The Arbor Day Foundation has a program to buy trees to honor or remember our pets. Donations as small as $10 are accepted and for every dollar a tree is planted. According to the Foundation's website: "By planting Trees in Celebration or Trees in Memory of your pet, you honor your pet with a lasting symbol of your devotion while sharing a healthier world with everyone."

We couldn't agree more.

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